Doug Higley came up with the idea of the name The Mysthsonian years ago but never got to the point of finding the right time to apply it. Doug's good friend Mike Melillo needed a good name for a show he was wanting to do, so Higley 'suggested' Mike go ahead and take 'Mythsonian'. Well Mike recently decided to fold his tent and get back into teaching Special FX Makeup (at which he is a genius) so Doug got back the great name The Mythsonian. So yes, there was an OTHER Mythsonian... A fabulous museum show of Mikes crazy fun exhibits and splendid graphics. I'm proud to pay tribute to his amazing work with a few of his graphic ideas.
Before I gave Mike the name Mythsonian...his show idea was called 'Slickshill's'...
And YES...Melillo had a LIFE SIZE Godzilla exhibit in his earlier version of the show! Did he really? Yep...he figured out how to do it.
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The Mythsonian
Not many people got to see Mike's terrific show due to scheduling but at least you got to see some of his brilliant poster work for The OTHER Mythsonian.. :-)