The Most Amazing MYSTERY On EARTH!
The Most Incredible Pusillanimous Pygmy Pachyderm In All of

Nothing like it has ever been seen before!

See it IN PERSON...You Won't Believe Your Eyes!

In 10,000 Years There Has Been Nothing Like It!

A Mystery straight out of Prehistory and the Twilight Zone! An ADULT Mammoth the size of a small House cat?

Is that what this is?

During the Cold War the late Ivan Stankovich*(head of the then Yugoslavian Space Program) was on an expedition looking for new launch sites on the forbidden Kamchatca Peninsula (former Soviet Union). During a preliminary excavation something was found locked in the frozen earth. 
You are looking at IT!
Ivan, not wanting to turn it over to Military authorities kept it hidden. It remained in his personal possession for many years…forgotten and unseen. Till now.

What is it? Whatever IT is you must admit, it is really STRANGE!

*" From the mid 80's thru early 90's, Ivan Stankovich was my landlord at Lake Tahoe! Upon his passing, he left me a Box. He knew of my interest in all things Odd and Wonderful and that IT was to be in good hands."  Doug Higley, Curator 'Mystery World Museum'
The Controversial Issue That Never Was! (see article below)
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