Have you ever heard of the minature Thailand Water Elephant...some call The EleFlea?
While based on the Ancient Legend of the TINY Thai Water Elephant...Science backs it up!
According to the BBC...
The Modern Elephant 'had an aquatic ancestor'
(Science BBC News)

"Here is The Legend:
Living in the remote Rivers and streams of Thailad are TINY Aquatic Elephants. The Males have a
Poison Spur at the base of the Tail and Fin. They can be the size of a Pack Of Cigarettes!

There's...real evidence... an example of an aquatic elephant that would be extremely convincing.
Well...OK..."Do you believe that story? Would you give 50 Cents to see one?" (You ask the

The Science to back you up:
Dr Erik Seiffert, co-author of the study, told BBC News: "It has often been assumed that elephants
have evolved from fully terrestrial ancestors and have always had this kind of a lifestyle.

"Now we can really start to think about how their lifestyle and behaviour might have been shaped
by a very different kind of existence in the distant past.

Moeritherium. An ancient amphibious relative of modern elephants.

An ancient ancestor of the elephant from 37 million years ago lived in water.

Experts from Oxford University and Stony Brook University, New York, analysed chemical
signatures preserved in fossil teeth. These indicated that the animal grazed on plants in rivers or
swamps. The study was published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

DNA evidence suggests that elephants are related to seagoing manatees and dugongs, and another
land-based mammal, the rabbit-like hyrax. This led to the theory that elephants and their extinct
relatives have evolved from a water-dwelling ancestor.

It is not clear how and why the ancestor of elephants left the water for a life on land.
One theory is that a cooling event at the end of the Eocene dried up swamps and rivers, forcing
animals out on to the land.
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