Note: Higley's Shrunken Heads were NOT designed to actually replicate the Shuar Heads and are strictly products of Fantasy, Artistic License, Skill, Imagination and NO Human or Animal parts were used..

" Here, in Ecuador, there are many Tzantza reproductions, usually made of Cow or Goat skin by the Indians, and done as souvenirs for the tourists, but not one is so real as Doug´s work. Mr. Higley knows what he does.... The excellent details of the work is shocking and perfect.... These are the best shrunken heads I have ever seen (and I have seen many!). "
Dr. A. Castro
Amazon, Ecuador, land of the Jivaro!

A Testimonial from Ecuador!
"The quest for perfection. His pieces of original art, a continual learning and growing process. His insistance on using only the best materials; and his unequaled service and business ethics. All of these and more make Doug Higley one of a kind."
R. Dayton (KOTAH), Author, Inventor, Performer. (USA)

Magicians Or Working Performers eMail Doug
However, I no longer offer Shrunky heads.

WOW!!!!Just received my Heads, absolutely amazing craftsmanship and attention to detail! Thank You so much!... I've been buying props, magic and collectibles for years, and most of the time am disappointed as it doesn't quite match my expectations, but NOT yours! You are a true artist and MASTER of your craft!

See the Mystery of the 1942 Higley Expedition to the Amazon!

3-D Anaglyph. Red over Left Eye.
Thanks to Eddie Garland for discovering and restoring this lost footage.
Doug! My new shrunken head arrived today and it is WONDERFUL! What a work of art. Totally believable! It freaked out everyone on my staff and I am proud to display it. Beautiful, beautiful work.
Steve Axtell (Puppet Maker/Master Puppeteer)

Note: My Display Props offer the 'essence' of something as most theatrical and film props do and are not actually Forensic intentional. The idea is for something that can pass a brief exposure under the conditions and dynamics of a 'trick' being performed or tabled opposed to being studied closeup looking for fingerprints or by say, a classroom biology session. This keeps the cost down! How REAL are they? Well, REALISTIC is more accurate in the fleeting use in performance and acceptibility of the general public. I try and not give the impression to a potential buyer that the props are anything but Props that can creep out the intended 'victim' during the routine or exhibit. The props work like any Illusion and must be presented so that they retain their essence and of course the Illusion itself. Absolutely NO animal or Human parts are used.
Everything is hand made to order.


This is a service for Working Magicians, Mentalists and Displays for Museum Exhibits. Nothing is for sale
to the General Public or on eBay.

While No Longer Offered, you can see some I did make over the years...
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