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The Crowned Heads Of Europe!

One of the Mermaids was selected to represent the History of this lost craft in the Musee De La Civilisation's "CIRCUS MAGICUS" World Tour and Exhibition which appeared in Quebec...New York...Chicago...Los Angeles and Paris! Higley's Creature FX have been displayed at UNIVERSAL STUDIOS HOLLYWOOD and in major Haunted Attractions, Antique Shops, Roadside Attractions and Circus' World Wide and even Ripley's Believe It Or Not Odditorium in Hollywood and are Internationally collected by Private Collectors

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 Seven of the 'Zibits' were on an Incredible, Unprecidented, Exclusive Royal Exhibition Tour of the UK for a Major Charity! 
Sideshow History was made! It IS the Unprecedented
Royal Tour!  The exact same Show Plan Higley devised for the US showmen and became the Flea Market standard also worked for this HUGE Charity Tour.


These Attractions are displayed all over the world! Switzerland, Germany, England, Scotland, Wales, Mexico, Japan, Canada, Maylasia, Nova Scotia, Puerto Rico,Ecuador,  Indonesia, France, Saipan, Finland, Holland, Sweden, Iceland, Spain,  Australia,   New Zealand, Costa Rica, Africa  and of course in many of the 50 States of the USA from Alaska to Florida and inbetween.

Click the Image for exclusive Info and photos of The ROYAL TOUR! Finally it can be told!

"A Single-O 'Grind Show' is like having your own little Sci-Fi or Adventure movie show, except, you are presenting your 'story' LIVE...But it is of the same purpose, to entertain and create a sense of wonder in the viewer and for some maybe a bit of nostalgia as well...keeping the paying customer HAPPY and AMAZED and hopefully scratching their head in wonder, wrinkling a brow and even cracking a smile... True Showmen have fun and make a few bucks along the way while entertaining their 'audience'. It is a show tradition going back to the 1600's. The Flea Market and Small Fair IS just the NEW Midway...step this way..."

This site features the work of Doug Higley who provided props and Displays for Museum Exhibits and Shows.
Nothing is or ever was for sale to the General Public or on eBay.

Allow All Photos to load please. LOTS of photos! None of these objects are offered for sale and belong to collectors and showmen world wide.

The Mythsonian

This page contains just a small sample of the countless  'Aquatic' Exhibits Higley provided over the years...

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The Mythsonian
An exhibit featuring 3 Deadly Piranha and a ?
Mermaids, ATOMIC   FISH and Other
Odd Aquatics...
CLICK above image to the El-Mer!
A Mermaid At Buckingham Palace?

This 'Mer' was at Buckingham Palace for the Queen's Birthday!

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