Atomic Death Worm by Doug Higley

A Higley Mer Creature at the Queen's Birthday Celebration?  (yep)

Troll like Unknown
 'Chupacabra?' Creature

Can you even fathom Grind Show 'THINGS' being shown for an admission charge here?
How about in the home of Henry the Vlll?

Bizarre Sea Thingy Fish by Higley

A Higley Atomic Fish


The ROYAL Castles, Palaces (yes, even THAT one, BUCKINGHAM PALACE on the Queen's Birthday!) and Stately Old Homes of England & Scotland became the unlikely midway  for this bizzare showing! Seen by the Highborn, Titled and the Royals along with the public in the many tens of thousands, who all paid a hefty Admission to see the Zibits. 

From April thru December of 2006, 7 outrageous exhibits ('Zibits created by Show Artist Doug Higley) and shown by Ken Dean, garnered for a Royal Charity a GREAT DEAL of money! People paid big bucks (pounds) just to peer at them! Using a simple (but brilliant) original show concept created by Doug Higley (California) as well as a random grouping of 7 of Higley's 'Zibits, this little Grindshow appeared in places undreamed of in the long tradition of Circus and Sideshow.

The Fantastic Journey of these 'Zibits' is the one of the most incredible & AMAZING ever in the annals of the outdoor showbiz!

Lamport Hall

The Royal Tour was booked and manned by 'KONDINI' (Ken Dean), legendary UK Sideshow Performer and Showman. Not even PT Barnum himself trod these massive Halls and Grounds!
The phenominal and unlikely tour began on the appropriate date of April 1st at the spooky Sandon Hall. The full run and venues can not be revealed YET due to high security and privacy concerns but these pictures show 3 of the locations completed.
Crowd reactions were 
Highly Positive!

Sandon Hall, Staffordshire

Moredon Hall

Higley's Pygmy Shrunken Body-Shrunken Head- Cannibal Toe

According to Kondini, the acceptance was outstanding even with the high admissions charged (for Charity) there were no beefs or complaints. Gotta love those Brits!

Incredible as it may seem, can you even imagine this 'Atomic Worm' being shown and wondered at, at the most prestigious schools of higher learning like the Royal Agriculture College or Eton, Cambridge, Oxford or Marlborough College?
Can you picture it at Ascot being a center of attraction for countless dignataries each paying the ticket prices to see it PRIVATELY? It all happened. How about a Chupacabra on the grounds of BUCKINGHAM PALACE . Yep, there too!
Higley's 'Zibits were seen by more of the rich, famous and high born than most other recent exhibitions combined...and in this case people paid large sums just for a brief PEEK at them! And they will never forget what they saw.

Was this show of Strange Things presented 'Tongue In Cheek'? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
They were presented as Strange Mysteries and the viewer was allowed to come up with their own explainations.

Due to High Security, the Tour was never publicized in the Press! The odd little GrindShow was even hosted at one stop by the ADMIRALTY at the HMS Sultan and proceeds went to the Royal Navy Charities. The VIPs actually arrived in long white Limos to view the Zibits on the red carpet! They appeared at Stonhenge! They appeared at the spectacular location of the Harry Potter films, Lacock Abbey! Even Stratford On Avon got a peek! Doug Higley is known worldwide as The Phantom Of The Midway!  But what a MIDWAY this was!

 Higley recieved none of the monies from the admissions charged, all of it going to a well known Royal Charity aimed at Youth Projects. The exhibits were all purchased at the normal rate. Higley's creatures are currently shown in small Shows in 24 countries world wide and at Legitimate Museums as well...but The Royal Tour is just about the Most Amazing Grind Show story ever told. And it is all True.. 

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The exact same How-To used for the successful Royal Tour may be available.

 Doug Higley
'The Phantom Of
 The Midway'

The way Higley approaches it, "A Single-O 'Grind Show' is like having your own little Sci-Fi movie show, except, you (the showman) are presenting your 'story' LIVE...But it is of the same purpose, to entertain and create a sense of wonder in the viewer and for some maybe a bit of nostalgia as well... keeping the paying customer HAPPY and AMAZED and hopefully scratching their head in wonder, wrinkling a brow and possibly cracking a smile. . True Showmen have fun and make a few bucks along the way while entertaining their 'audience'. It is a show tradition going back to the 1600's."  While the US Flea Market and Small Fair IS the NEW Midway, during the Spring/Summer/Fall of 2006, something very bizarre took place...the little 'Zibits invaded Jolly Old England in a HUGE way! And Charity won big time! 

UK Master Showman Ken Dean ('Kondini), took the original Higley Grind Show concept and launched it to unprecedented heights, unheard of in the long History of Circus or Sideshow.

Ken Dean 'Kondini'

On this tour, there were over 12,000 VIP visits to the zibbs Plus of course the thousands and thousands of the general public at some stops.

There was Royalty...Top Football Stars, Many UK Film Stars of note...Top Sports people, Major Excecutives from the Biz World, even Maddona! Many Lords from the House of Lords, Labour MPs from the House of Commons and my favorite personality on the planet Billy Connoly!!! (Comic actor from Scotland)  All the top rankers from the Police,Fire and Rescue services.  Top rankers from the Army,Airforce and Navy. The top staff at at may Colleges, Universities and Scientific establishments. Prominant members of the Churchill and Rothchild families. The custodians of most of the UK Heritage Trust ie Stonehenge, Avebury, Longleat, Camelford, Silbury, Balmoral etc.

And yes, like I said the Zibits WERE on display at STONEHENGE!

I asked Ken about the responses to the Zibits and what it was like to show them.

Responses: Ken Dean says... "All were impressed to a degree, most were very impressed, none bored, many believers who wanted to know more. Out of the whole run only three voiced a negative view. The common attitude was of fun and just maybe they could be real! On average we got fifty to sixty screamers per show...mainly women who were a bit sensitive. Although it was very hard work for me...the reactions from the public made it more than worth while. Not only did they not know what to expect (The anticipation before viewing was nearly as entertaining as the viewing) But also I didn't know what to expect from could say it was a Roller Coaster ride with a lot more ups than downs."
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