Note: Doug's Props offer the 'essence' of something as most theatrical and film props do and are not actually Forensic intentional. The idea is for something that can pass exposure under the conditions and dynamics of a Grind Show Illusion as opposed to being studied by say, a classroom biology session. How REAL are they? Well, REALISTIC is more accurate in the fleeting use in performance and acceptibility of the general public. "I try and not give the impression to a potential buyer that the props are anything but Props that can creep out the intended 'victims' during the routine. The props work like any Illusion and must be presented so that they retain their essence and of course the Illusion itself. Having said props in shows all over the world HAVE been seen by the VERY well educated and in all cases passed muster! (See the Royal Tour link above for an example.)" IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Absolutely NO Animal or Human parts are used. Everything is hand made to order by Doug using man made materials.

Do you do a BR?
(back of the room pitch )
Own a faux

Have some FUN and put Some change in Your Pocket!

"SEE a GIANT Flea said to have been found in the Fur Of An Ancient Mammoth in the Arctic Ice!"


"Is IT Alive?" Fortunately NO!
You would be itching for a month!

Once you have this great little exhibit all you will need is a little bravado...but then you already have that since you show Invisible Fleas rascal!
Each is Custom HAND MADE by Doug Higley as a display piece you can turn into real money or just for FUN! Higley's ZIBITS are used by Showmen and Buskers World Wide!
Charge 50 Cents and you could make the cost back the first weekend! On St Pat's Day one of the guys his first time out , took his little Zibit to a parade crowd and did $113 in 90 minutes!
Busker Mario Morris in the UK, using Higley's Zibits gets HUGE Hats! How do I know? It's on his DVD!
5" x 3" aprox. (Each DISPLAY PROP is Hand Made so each will differ SLIGHTLY)
The largest known living flea is 1/3 of an inch long with average Fleas about 1/12th to 1/6th of an inch. The Zibit is a MONSTER!
A Beautiful miniature 'Flea Circus' by Walt Noon.
Click to visit Walt's site.

I'll include some easy instructions
and verbage you can use.

Buskers pretty much know HOW it works but maybe you are a Magician with a FLEA CIRCUS with those Amazing INVISIBLE Fleas?  Well, you're already pulling their leg so why not make some extra bucks and give them something to LOOK at! You can mention throughout the show that there will be something EXTRA after the performance. OR just a Magic Act that would like something DIFFERENT...
When it's time to present THE GIANT FLEA just say that you
"...obtained it from an Old Showman in California and it's keeping with TRADITION that a small amount of change is the price of admission. Just 50 cents to see the Incredible Giant Flea said to have been found in the fur of an extinct Mammoth in the Arctic Ice!"
Just like the old BLADE BOX routine, you build up the curiosity and they will WANT to see it! All you need is this (included) Display Box box and as they come up to you, collect the money and let them look! Ewwwww! :-)

Doug Higley 'The Phantom Of The Midway' is known
world wide for ORIGINAL ideas that WORK!

How can you make extra MONEY when 'they' just GLANCE in the box?

Copyright © 2020
Doug Higley

An Exclusive Pocket Grindshow!

Go To: See Doug Higley's 
other Custom Zibits and Magic Effects.

Feb 18, 2011 Doug recieved the ultimate honors. Doug appeared in the World Famous Ripley's Believe It Or Not comic strip...then Ripley's Annual Hard Cover Book 'Strikingly True' (page 220) AND was selected to have an Exhibit in the Ripley's Believe It Or Not HOLLYWOOD Museum!
Do a little Grind Show action like a sideshow Blow-off...ask your guests if they'd like to...
A ZIBIT In A Can! An Original Higley Pocket Grind Show with a built in DISPLAY window!
(Note! Tin Can is Not Sold Seperately.)

This is an example of Higley's Marketing of an ORIGINAL CONCEPT...A service for Working Performers, Magicians, Mentalists and Displays for Museum Exhibits. Nothing is for sale
to the General Public or on eBay.

Hi Doug,

I received the flea yesterday and it is better than I could have ever expected.

Thanks for the quick turnaround, now I’m itching to incorporate it into my flea circus routine!

"My Doug Higley Flea recently helped me make over $200 in less than ten minutes, here in Las Vegas! What the heck are you waiting for? GET ONE NOW!"
K.B., Las Vegas Entertainer  11/5/2011

How about a Prop that could PAY you back EVERYTIME you pull it out?
TESTED by Top Performers and IT WORKS!


Original CUSTOM Hand Made Higley Giant FLEA in a small steel box with a Display Window! SEE the Zibit In A Can!

Harry The Cat models his Giant Flea. YIPE!
(photo by Mentalist Alexandre)
"You know the first attraction I ever built when I came down south from Scotland? It was a Flea Circus, Petticoat Lane. Really quite wonderful. We had a wee trapeze, and a merry-go carousel and a seesaw. They all moved, motorized of course, but people would say they could see the fleas. 'Oh, I see the fleas, mummy! Can't you see the fleas?' Clown fleas and high wire fleas and fleas on parade... But with this place, I wanted to show them something that wasn't an illusion. Something that was real, something that they could see and touch. An aim not devoid of merit."
John Hammond, Jurassic Park

A Higley Pocket 'Grind Show' is like having your own little Sci-Fi or Adventure movie show, except, you are presenting your 'story' LIVE...But it is of the same purpose, to entertain and create a sense of wonder in the viewer and for some maybe a bit of nostalgia as well...keeping the paying customer HAPPY and AMAZED and hopefully scratching their head in wonder, wrinkling a brow and even cracking a smile... True Showmen have fun and make a few bucks along the way while entertaining their 'audience'. It is a show tradition going back to the 1600's. It's just the NEW Midway...step this way... 

Steel Display Can INCLUDED!
Higley's Zibit In A Can!
Magician's and Buskers...make a few extra bucks with...
   Each Pocket GRINDSHOW,
a HAND MADE Higley Original
"An aim not devoid of merit."
$75 w/shipping Included! PayPal USA ONLY! (Overseas shipping extra)