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Higley's World Famous Museum ATTRACTIONS

This site is for Entertainment Purposes Only.
No animal or human parts were ever used and all objects were created
from man made materials.
Except for a book, nothing is for sale Or ever was for sale to the General Public or on eBay.

Shrunky Heads!

DEADMAN'S HAND/Hand Of Glory (photos and historical perspective)

CHUPACABRA?   The Truth!
The Monkey's Paw!
POWERFUL artifact!

Out Of The Mist...

A Shrine to HOMER TATE
The Desert Pygmy King...
LOTS of photos on these pages! Allow to load fully. :-)


About the Ripley's Comic Strip
The Mythsonian
'Full Moon Rising' Photos and a Re-Telling of a classic legend by Doug Higley

Featuring the Strange 'Crypto Zibits' of 'The Phantom Of The Midway'

The SCARIEST One Of All?
Doug Higley, a prolific sculptor has also Written, Produced and Directed for Radio & Television as well shooting elaborate Videos and commericals. Doug is the Author of 5 books, has been a Radio Talk Show Host, an Animator, a Museum Curator and was very active in Motor Sports as track announcer at numerous California Speedways and having his own tour, "Super Sidecar Thunder" (Formula One Side Car Motorcycle Racers). Higley is also well known in the Magician's community having created numerous 'tricks' and special props for top performers around the planet and is known world wide for his incredible sculptures of Unknown Creatures, many in Museums, Shows and Private Collections and of course HERE IN THE MYTHSONIAN!.


"I considered myself a Showman, no more no less." (Higley)

Critters & Unknowns

Mermaids, Atomic Fish & Aquatics 

The Incredible Pygmy Mammoth!

Doug's GREAT  Amusement Ride book on 100 years of DARK RIDES and Entertainment In The Dark! From the Midway to Disneyland!
SIGNED copies available NOW!

Click each Imgage to SEE the MANY Exhibits...
Click each Imgage to SEE the MANY Exhibits...
50 Years In Show Biz!
"Doug, you are a creator and an innovator! Your love of genre is so evident in all your creations! Bravo!"
(Legendary Film Director Fred Olen Ray)

The Deadly Pygmy

  The Amazing
For Homer