The Shrunken Heads have Predicted in detail exactly what your chosen Spectator is about to do, 66 years before he or she does it! ooooh...

Perfect for Magicians, Mentalists, Bizarrists, Story Tellers, Kid Show workers. ALL Mystery Performers!

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You call up a spectator and go through the motions of making them a Guest Curator of The Dark Museum. Bring out the 4 cards in an envelope. (not gimmicked)
One card of the four contains a Shaman's Prediction (From The Higley Expedition 1942) is put aside.
The other cards are described and of Shrunken Human Heads! Three diferent. These represent the exhibits of The Dark Museum.  See No Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil. Unfortunately the Museum has fallen on hard times. The guest curator must decide which of the strange exhibits will be kept in the museum, which put in storage and which sold on the black market. Choices are made...You get one, he/she gets one, the museum (envelope) gets one. The guest is asked to trade cards if they like (and they do). When the guest is satisfied with the disposition of the three exhibits the 3 part Prediction is then read and it is deadly accurate in ALL moves made by the guest and it's obvious the Power of  One of the Heads has trancended time.
This can be done standing up or at a table...close up or in a parlour even on stage. No Slieghts or gimmicks, self working. The Four Cards are 4x6 for good visibility. The magic of this trick is in YOUR hands and Imagination rather than just nameless props and pointless moves. There is a reason for the magic to happen...which can make all the difference in a presentation. But then you knew that...

3 No Evil in Performance at The Magic Castle by Kevin Marshall

Diabolical and Easy To Do because it's virtually Self Working! No Sleights, No Gimmicks! Based on Doug Higley's legendary original props and his tried and true 'Dark Museum' Prediction Effect (itself, an altered simplified method of Deddy Corbuzier's 'Free Will' reading principle which used Tarot.)  Doug Higley's varied 'Dark Museum' releases are currently performed in 28 countries and is so popular that it inspired the book by Jim Magus of 45 routines by the greats of the magical arts, 'Midnight In The Dark Museum'. Now for the first time this fantastic concept in Adventure Magical Mentalism is available in a pocket version for every style of act! It allows for great story telling too! The 'Heads represent 'See no Evil, Hear No Evil and Speak No Evil, thus the title. 3 No Evil is Fun and easy and can be a short interlude or feature depending on your input. Corporate Performer Jon Stetson says "This is Adventure Magic and Mentalism at it's best! It's as if Indy just got off the Jungle Cruise!" A Stunning Adventure in your pocket! 3 no Evil and the Amazing Secret Of The Jungle Heads!

No Human Remains were used to make 3 No Evil. They are Higley Props.

Not just Props but a REASON to use them
which makes all the difference!

Yes! Kids love this trick! It really GRABS their attention!
" '3 No Evil':.. is very quick, very clean, quite clever and great for close-up. The postcards are nicely done, look very legit and the story suits the props to a T and vice versa. I like the handling of the three way force — very simple, direct and appears quite fair. Overall, it gets high marks all around from me."
                                                        Performer/Historian Dick Christian

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